WDMSC is always in need of qualified referees to officiate games during the season.  Are you interested in becoming a referee?  Refereeing is a great way to be a part of the game, get some exercise, and earn some money.

Referee Pay

The following are the rates per game for recreational and academy games hosted by JUSC by age level.

7U-8U Games

9U-10U Games

11U-12U Games

13U-14U Games

15U-16U Games

17U-19U Games

Referee Bonus

Referees are eligible for a $20 bonus for every five recreational or academy league games they have refereed for WDMSC during a single season.

Become a Referee

Are you age 13 or older, want to become a United States Soccer Federation (USSF) referee and start working youth games?  

Online Grassroots Referee Course 

You can get started by taking the grassroots referee course on the U.S. Soccer Learning Center.  Open the course link (English or Spanish), click on LOG IN and then SIGN UP NOW to register for the course.

Iowa Online Grassroots Referee Course

Iowa Curso Virtual De Árbitro De Base

Upon completion of the Online Grassroots Referee Course assignment, you will be issued a completion certificate downloadable from your Learning Center Profile.

Follow-up Training

Following the successful completion of the Online Grassroots Referee Course and the assignments, there will be a follow-up course with an instructor (either virtually or in-person) to be completed.  An instructor will be in touch with more details.  It may be a while after the online course is completed as the instructor will wait to have several people who have completed the Grassroots course.  This follow-up will cover other relevant information you needed to begin officiating.

Quick Tips


Advice to New Referees

The following is advice to new referees from U.S. Soccer.