West Des Moines Soccer Club


Extra Training

At West Des Moines Soccer Club, we encourage extra touches on ball whether that be through our training program or another venue. We have compiled a list of other facilities that offer training or competition games during the off season. We hope that your team coach or parent will coordinate your child's team to continue to play throughout the year and support this wonderful game of soccer. Please checkout the list of extra training and competition websites below:

Private Training

At West Des Moines Soccer Club we recognize that our players are dedicated to maximizing their soccer potential and, as a result, will often seek to accelerate their development through individual and small group private lessons.

The purpose of these very specialized private training lessons is to enable players to receive individual instruction in specific areas of the game which would be difficult to teach in a large team environment. The WDMSC is in support of player development and allow private lessons with our professional coaching staff. In an attempt to ensure that all interested players are provided with equal opportunity to participate, we have adopted the following guidelines for players and coaches.

For more information on the WDMSC individual, or small group, private training program contact Rich Bywater, Director of Coaching.

Skills Training Center

Welcome to the WDMSC Skills Training Center. When you become a member of our club you are joining the #1 club in the state of Iowa. As such, you make a commitment to being the best soccer player you can be. That not only means that you attend all scheduled practices and games, but that you also make a commitment to spend time working on improving your skills outside of organized practice. In an attempt maximize potential, all WDMSC players are expected to be actively participating in individual skills training on a weekly basis.

The featured skill of the month is 'Ronaldinho'. All you need is a soccer ball and a few cones. Set-up multiple cones (or other objects) in a straight line with two yards gaps between each cone. Dribble through the cones with your right foot using both inside and outside of your foot, then alternate by using your left foot the next time. Focus on close control and taking quick touches with every step.

Video Library
Foundation Foot Skills Dribbling to Create Space Dribbling to beat Opponent Additional Skill Activities
Ex. 1: Toe-Taps-Static
Ex. 2: Toe-Taps Directional
Ex. 3: Pendulum-Static
Ex. 4: Pendulum-Directional
Ex. 5: Pull Back/Push forward (R)
Ex. 6: Pull Back/Push forward (L)
Ex. 7: Pull Back/Push Out (R)
Ex. 8: Pull Back/Push Out (L)
Ex. 9: Roll Outside to Inside
Ex. 10: Step Over-Static
Ex. 11: Step & Turn-Static
Ex. 13: Roll Sole
Ex. 14: Zig Zag Slalom (R)
Ex. 15: Zig Zag Slalom (L)
Ex. 16: Bow Ties
Ex.17: Dribble- Stop Turn w/ Sole
Ex. 18: Dribble- The U Turn
Ex. 19: Dribble- Inside Cut
Ex. 20: Dribble- Outside Cut
Ex. 21: Dribble- Drag Back L
Ex. 25: Dribble- Cryuff
Ex. 27: Step Over Turn Outside
Ex. 29: Dribble- Stop and Go w/ Sole Roll
Ex. 30: Roll and Cut
Ex. 31: Step Over Turn
Ex. 32: Messi
Ex. 33: The Shimmy
Ex. 34: Stanley Matthew's
Ex. 35: Drag Scissors
Ex. 36: Ronaldinho
Ex. 37: The Ronaldo Chop
Ex. 38: Hop and Go
Ex. 39: Pull Through
Ex. 40: Xavi Turn
Ex. 41: The Beardsley
Ex. 42: The Pull Push
Ex. 43: The Double Touch
Ex 44: The Maradona
Ex. 45: Juggling - Foot Catch
Ex. 46: Juggling - Both Feet Only
Ex. 47: Juggling - Feet and Thighs Only
Ex. 48: Juggling - Head Only
Ex. 49: Juggling - All Surfaces
Ex. 50: Receiving w/ Chest
Ex. 51: Receiving Across Body
Ex. 52: Receiving w/ Passing
Ex. 53: Receiving w/ instep out of air
Ex. 54: Receiving w/ thigh out of air
Ex. 55: Receiving w/ feet out of air
Ex. 56: Receiving Volleys
Ex. 57: One Touch Passing - Lateral Movement
Ex. 58: One Touch Passing - Checking To
Ex. 59: Volley Returns