West Des Moines Soccer Club


Welcome Members

Every fall and spring children and teens ages 3 to 18 are required to be registered before they can play. The registration for the Fall season starts in May then ends in July and registration for the Spring season starts in November then ends in February. The cost ranges from $65.00 to $150 each season. Our registration process is done through Stack Sports, the chosen registration software by US Soccer. If this is the first time that you have used Stack Sports you will first have to register yourself (the parent) for an account. Once you have created an account you can add your children to your account.

At the time of your registration, be sure to upload a large-sized photo that you can zoom, edit and crop to fit the requirements. Formats included: gif, jpg, and png. When uploading a copy of their birth certificate or passport, you may upload as pdf or an image format. Please have these ready before you start the registration process. Once you begin the process of adding your child, you will select "Register as a player", then select their play level: "Development", "Academy" or "Recreational".

Be sure to have the following information ready for the registration process:

  • Parent Information -
    • email address (needed to register online and primary line of communication)
    • cell phone (needed to receive text alerts and information from the coaches)
    • home phone (needed as a secondary line of communication)
    • physical address (needed for account information and demographics)
    • relationship to player (mother, father, guardian)
    • volunteer (coaching, coordinators, board members: volunteer opportunities)
  • Emergency Contacts -
    • name (other than parents: family member, neighbor)
    • primary phone (usually a cell phone or home phone)
    • secondary phone (usually a home phone or work phone)
  • Player Information -
    • physical address (needed for account information and demographics)
    • email address (needed to register online and primary line of communication)
    • home phone (needed as a secondary line of communication)
    • gender (males cannot play on girls-only teams; females can play on coed teams)
    • date of birth (identifies current age group)
    • school (helps us place kids together to form teams)
    • grade (spring = current grade, fall = use fall grade)
    • preferred teammates (try to use full names or "n/a")
    • preferred coach (try to use full names or "n/a")
    • picture (photos are required for profiles and player cards)
    • birth certificate or passport (required for age verification)
  • Medical Information -
    • preferred hospital
    • physician's name
    • physician's phone
    • insurance carrier
    • policy holder (usually a parent/guardian)
    • policy number
    • group number
    • any allergies
    • other medical conditions
  • Financial Information -
    • credit card to pay player fees
  • Club Policies
    • photo release
    • medical release
    • financial obligation
    • codes of conduct

To begin the registration process please proceed to program registration. Please note we cannot release the team roster until all player requirements are met, this includes birth certificate, player photo, and fees.

Please note that we do not offer soccer in the Spring to players ages 16 to 19 due to High School soccer.