West Des Moines Soccer Club


Welcome Club Members

First thing first, please create an entry in your email address book called "WDMSC" or WDM Soccer Club" and add the following the email addresses:

  • Support@stacksports.com
  • Club.Admin@wdmsc.org

This is help keep our emails out of the spam folder. If you happen to receive our emails in your spam folder, please mark it "safe" and send the communication back to your email provider.

WDMSC communication is published in multiple ways and platforms.

  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Stack Sports: US Soccer Approved Registration System
  • Mail Chimp: WDMSC Email Campaign System.

We will do our best to respond to your email with 24-48 hours. These times may be longer at the start of each season as we have higher volume as these times.

Not receiving our emails? Do a check on the following:

  • Check your email spam folder
  • Be sure the retention policy on the spam folder is set atleast for 30 days
  • Be sure the email rules don't automatically deletes emails from addresses not in your address book

Please note the Club does not condone play up requests. We understand that due to the player birth chart, players want to play with their friends. Please understand the consequences when doing so:

  • Player may not be physically developed to playing higher age group
  • Females playing in coed gender division may develop anxiety in competition

Instances where a coach request/player may not be honored:

  1. Registration was received after the posted deadline
  2. Former coach is no longer coaching
  3. Former coach has moved to a different gender division (coed to girls)
  4. Former player is no longer with the WDMSC Club
  5. Former player has moved to a different gender division
  6. Former player has moved to a different program (development,recreational, competitive)

Be sure to coordinate with your team members to plan to next season's enrollment. Failure to register by the season deadline and not completing member requirements delays roster releases. Thanks for your understanding!


Registration Instructions

Every fall and spring children and teens ages 3 to 18 are required to be registered before they can play. The registration for the Fall season starts in May then ends in July and registration for the Spring season starts in November then ends in February. The cost ranges from $65.00 to $150 each season. Our registration process is done through Stack Sports, the chosen registration software by US Soccer. If this is the first time that you have used Stack Sports you will first have to register yourself (the parent) for an account. Once you have created an account you can add your children to your account.

At the time of your registration, be sure to upload a large-sized photo that you can zoom, edit and crop to fit the requirements. Formats included: gif, jpg, and png. When uploading a copy of their birth certificate or passport, you may upload as pdf or an image format. Please have these ready before you start the registration process. Once you begin the process of adding your child, you will select "Register as a player", then select their play level: "Development", "Academy" or "Recreational".

Be sure to have the following information ready for the registration process:

  • Parent Information -
    • email address (needed to register online and primary line of communication)
    • cell phone (needed to receive text alerts and information from the coaches)
    • home phone (needed as a secondary line of communication)
    • physical address (needed for account information and demographics)
    • relationship to player (mother, father, guardian)
    • volunteer (coaching, coordinators, board members: volunteer opportunities)
  • Emergency Contacts -
    • name (other than parents: family member, neighbor)
    • primary phone (usually a cell phone or home phone)
    • secondary phone (usually a home phone or work phone)
  • Player Information -
    • physical address (needed for account information and demographics)
    • email address (needed to register online and primary line of communication)
    • home phone (needed as a secondary line of communication)
    • gender (males cannot play on girls-only teams; females can play on coed teams)
    • date of birth (identifies current age group)
    • school (helps us place kids together to form teams)
    • grade (spring = current grade, fall = use fall grade)
    • preferred teammates (try to use full names or "n/a")
    • preferred coach (try to use full names or "n/a")
    • picture (photos are required for profiles and player cards)
    • birth certificate or passport (required for age verification)
  • Medical Information -
    • preferred hospital
    • physician's name
    • physician's phone
    • insurance carrier
    • policy holder (usually a parent/guardian)
    • policy number
    • group number
    • any allergies
    • other medical conditions
  • Financial Information -
    • credit card to pay player fees
  • Club Policies
    • photo release
    • medical release
    • financial obligation
    • codes of conduct

To begin the registration process please proceed to program registration. Please note we cannot release the team roster until all player requirements are met, this includes birth certificate, player photo, and fees.

Please note that we do not offer soccer in the Spring to players ages 16 to 19 due to High School soccer.



The United States Congress passed, and the President signed in to law, the SafeSport Act. This law requires all adults who have regular interaction with minors in youth sports to be mandatory reporters and to take training to understand that role. Iowa Soccer is providing a 90-minute web-based training from the Center for SafeSport free of charge to all coaches and other adults that require it. When coaches suspect or hear about possible sexual abuse, they are now required by Federal Law to report it to the Center for SafeSport.

Additionally, we are required to provide parents information that you can share with your children to help them understand and identify potential abuse. A link to the SafeSport Parent Toolkit with age specific information can be found on our website here. We strongly encourage you to review it with your children. Additionally, you can learn more about the SafeSport Act at https://uscenterforsafesport.org/ and about US Soccer's initiatives at www.safesoccer.com

Concussion Education

Understanding concussions, the symptoms, and the treatment is very important as we learn more about the brain. While not new, Iowa Soccer is continuing the requirement that every coach takes the CDC concussion education training designed for coaches. This 30-minute webinar must be renewed every other year. It is not possible to have a certified athletic trainer or other health care professional at every practice or event, so we want to ensure that coaches have the education needed to properly identify the symptoms and then act in an appropriate manner with the impacted players. We will continue to staff our competitions with certified athletic trainers who will perform concussion checks any time a head injury occurs, and if a concussion is suspected, per Iowa Soccer policy players will not be able to return to play until cleared by a medical professional.

Background Checks

While coaches have been required to pass background checks in previous years, this year we are doing a more in-depth check and extending the requirement to any adult that has regular interaction with minors, which now includes checks of all club board members. This deep-dive check meets the standards that have been put forth by the National Council of Youth Sports by looking at federal, state, and local records for all counties in which the individual has lived for the last five years.

Every child, and his/her parents, should expect to have a safe soccer experience. In today's society, that means a lot of people behind the scenes are submitting to extra training and in-depth checks in order to comply with laws, requirements, and policies of various organizations and ultimately contribute to a safe environment.

You can be assured that every coach we clear has had an extensive background check, has taken a 30-minute training on concussion education, and a 90-minute training on his or her role as a mandatory reporter for abuse.

So, as we launch another soccer season, please make sure to thank our coaches especially, and also thank our staff to ensuring player safety is our #1 priority! They have invested the time to make your child's experience in soccer as enjoyable and safe as it possibly can be. And finally, please consider volunteering to coach or fill a role in our club…the soccer community as a whole needs help expanding its volunteer base so we don't continue to rely on the same group of people who raise their hands and say "I'll help!"