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WDMSC has a rich tradition of successful college placement of both those seeking to play collegiate soccer and those simply looking to attend college. An integral part of West Des Moines Club's programming is our College Advisory Program (C.A.P.). The College Advisory Program offers a comprehensive support system that will help guide the prospective student athlete and the parents through the process of finding the right college for each individual.

The College Recruiting Education Seminars will provide information on many different topics to help prepare players for playing at the next level. Topics will include Resume Building, Cover Letting Writing, Identifying Schools, Recruiting Timelines, NCAA Eligibility Standards, SAT Vs. ACT Testing, NCAA Clearinghouse, Contacting Coaches, Communication with Coaches, Unofficial and Official Visits, Scholarships (both Athletic and Academic) and other questions that parents and student-athletes may have regarding the entire recruiting process. This service is available to all U15 to U18 Select Boys and Girls Teams. It is highly encouraged that your daughter/son attends these sessions if they are interested in playing soccer in college.

Since our inception in 1986, the WDMSC College Advisory Program has helped place numerous former players in a variety of college soccer programs, including but not limited to the following schools: Drake University, University of California Los Angeles, Iowa State University, South Dakota State University, Minnesota State University, Ohio University, Yale University, Brown University, Coe College, Truman State University, UNC-Charlotte University, and Notre Dame University.


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WDMSC has a rich tradition of developing players that have progressed into the college soccer ranks. We are undoubtedly the most successful Iowa program when it comes to college soccer placement. Following are a list of players who have played for WDMSC and progressed to play soccer in college - several at the Division I level.

College Soccer Program
Megan Faley University Northern Iowa
Grace Nichols Hamline Univerity
Hannah Cook Missouri Southern
Nicole Inskeep South Dakota State University
Natalie Harada Maryville University
Austin Little Central College
Ty Ubben Augsburg Universty
Tom Bean Middlebury University
Eric Bonewitz UW Plattsville
Max Fernandez Wartburg
Christian Henandez AIB College
Ashley Kerns Wartburg*
Caitlyn Fuller University Northern Iowa
Rachel Harada Northwestern University*
Kayla Pitman Grand View College
Katie Edgar Central College
Julia Pfeiffer Wartburg College*
Christa Heiligenthal Bethal College*
Eric Williams Drake University
Katie Edgar Central College
Haley Halverson University Minnesota
Andrea Swanson Iowa State University
Lauren Waggoner Iowa State University
Tanner Schilling Colgate University*
Tyler Cruikshank Chicago Layola*
Mackenzie Misel University Minnesota
Courtney Bebensee Wartburg College, IA -
Stephanie Stevens Augustana College, Souix Falls
Brandon Visonnavong Truman State
Austin Hayden Truman State
Cameron Duckworth Central Community College
Tanner McCarthy Augsburg College
Logan Marvin Dominican University
Ben Kerley Colgate Universty
Mark Hentschel Central College
Zane Henley Wartburg College
Hollie Gray Presbyterian College
Garet Christianson Noerthern Illinios University
Brady Anderson Wartburg University
Michael Thaden Drake University
Thomas Ostrander Drake University
Whitney Sharpe UCLA
Emily Hejlik Iowa State University
Nick Foster Drake University
Kelly Herman South Dakota State
Meghan Hackerson Wright State University
Stephanie Goos Augustana
Taylor Gray U. of South Dakota
Michelle Marshall U. of South Dakota
Katie Shandri Augustana
Jenny Clark Minnesota
Jacob Misel Elmhurst College
Rachel Gielau Drake University
Libby Wilson U. of Northern Iowa
Jessica Wiegert Truman St.
Jessica Palo Northwestern
Daniella Pappas South Dakota State
Lance Cunningham Drexel University
Brittany Waddle Iowa State University
Liz Lane South Dakota State
Mary McPhail Ohio University
Brooke Boley UNC-Charlotte
Katie Freeman U. of South Dakota
Kelsie Worcester South Dakota State University
Brent Schuchmann Wartburg College
Alex Munz Yale University
Nick Feltz Carleton College
Ben Brackett Brown University
Aaron Epstein Cornell College
Eric Bentzinger Central College
Justin Cohen Winthrop College
Charlie Elinbrook Cornell College
Justin McGenny Notre Dame
Horacia Rodas UMKC
Nate Wall Lees-McRae
Mosa Shayan Simpson College
Emily Nessler University of Iowa
Kendra Parker Iowa State University
Allison Becker Ball State University & University of Iowa
Kendra Paul Iowa State University
Nikki Thaden University of Texas
Maya Pratt University of Chicago
Danielle Oswald Drake University
Meggie Malm Missouri
Brianna Damstetter University of Iowa and Grandview College
Jessi Swaim U. of South Carolina
Kate Walker Pomona University
Jessica Villhauer Iowa State University
Julie Van Dyke Drake University
Kera Riley Truman State University
Erika Gutfreund St. Lawrence University
Conrad Vernon Central College
Holly Winter U of Northern Iowa/Grand View
Kevin Weiler Elizabethtown College
Eric Henderson Luther College
Matt Bourne Drake University
Joe Sithonorath Drake University
Brain Duax Drake University
Greg Weiler Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Adam Rogers Simpson College
Nate Sammler Charleston Southern University
Corey Ireland Fort Lewis, CO
Josh Crandall University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Matt Wagner Texas Christian University
Brian Weiler Simpson College
Billy Scott Charleston Southern University/Drake University
Lance Crauer Simpson College
Chad Nicholino Simpson College
Ryan Jepsen Luther College
Clay Nelson Luther College
Matt Wilkerson University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Rich Hook Coe College
Brad Stiles Coe College
Jason Morton Coe College

*Joined WDM Soccer Club late in their development